Shepherd's Fold Baptist Church

Where the River of Living Water  Freely Flows


     We are thankful for Shepherd's Fold Baptist Church. God has given us a Pastor according to His heart, one who feeds us with knowledge and understanding. Our music also seeks to honor God and prepare our hearts for worship through traditional hymns with piano and trumpets. We pray that Shepherd's Fold will become the lighthouse of God's Word in Hutchinson. Please visit and join us for worship.

The Andrus Family

    Our family moved to Minnesota in the early part of 2014. We were so glad to find a church nearby that teaches from the Bible! Pastor Ketchum is a wonderful teacher and preacher of God’s Word. He and his wife are very kind and down to earth people. Everyone welcomed us and included us in the activities of the church and in their own lives. We are thankful for the ministry here. As Christians, we know that the Bible contains what God wants us to know. We have been challenged to learn and share with others! Be challenged, be changed, come visit us in Hutchinson!

The Bernardings

     We moved to Hutchinson in May of 2007. We went to various churches around town and found a home at Shepherd’s Fold. Our reason for choosing this church was because it is a biblical standard to attend a church whose doctrinal statement is intent on teaching the Word of God. This is a church which is truly ground in God’s word. Every sermon is based on Biblical Truths. The pastor and fellow believers make you feel at home while challenging you to grow as a Christian. We are amazed at how much we have grown in our walk with Christ, since joining Shepherd’s Fold Baptist Church. It is incredible to watch God working in the lives of those who attend the services, Sunday school, Bible studies, etc. We feel very blessed to belong to this church and would recommend it for anyone seeking to hear the amazing truths of the Bible and wanting to gain a closer personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Dan and Lindy Dohman


     No where have we heard the Word of God presented with such depth and clarity as when we attend Shepherd’s Fold Baptist Church. My wife and I look forward to each service under Dr. Ketchum’s teaching of sound doctrine based on the inspired, infallible and inerrant Word of God. Under the ministries . . . , God has blessed us and we have grown greatly. We find the members of the church to be loving and caring and so very faithful; always willing and ready to reach out to those around them in need of encouragement or assistance.

Mr. & Mrs. Wilton (Beverly) Johnson